Created by the most effective health club marketing company in the U.S., FitDial.net knows the key to health club and gym success: a solid membership baseFitDial.net is the only lead-generation service specifically created for the fitness industry. While there are other telemarketing services available, we work exclusively with health club owners to boost recurring drafts, ensuring that monthly overhead costs are consistently exceeded.

The telemarketing services and sales strategies of FitDial.net have served as the foundation  for the country’s leading health club marketing company, Fitness-Sales.net. These services have sold well over 50,000 2-year EFT memberships for Fitness-Sales.net clients over the last two decades.

Combined with our sales systems, FitDial.net‘s appointment setting services often produce upwards of 500-1,000 new members for individual clients. If you own a martial arts or CrossFit gym with higher membership price points, you’ll likely find it difficult to achieve these numbers. But the simple fact is that higher-priced memberships paired with lower attrition rates equal stronger, more consistent profits. The  role of FitDial.net is to partner with your facility, determine your needs, and help you exceed your goals.

For the first time, our appointment setting services are available to clubs that aren’t Fitness-Sales.net clients. Why? Our parent marketing company can only work with a maximum number of full-scale promotions at a time. For nearly two decades, Fitness-Sales.net has had to turn down nearly 90% of gyms interested in their marketing services. For clubs that are not eligible for or do not need a full-scale promotion, FitDial.net provides a valuable and affordable lead-generation service. We guarantee our system will generate results that no other marketing methods will return. As a bonus, we’ll teach you how to close the prospects we send through your doors, using our proven sales training system.

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